For months now me've been working on acquiring exercise equipment for you to use in the pool to help you build muscle as well as get that water aerobic workout. Well, now it's here and installed in our pool. 

We've got 5 pieces of aquatic exercise equipment for you to choose from or use as a circuit. We have two underwater treadmills; two underwater bikes; two underwater trampolines; two arm bikes; and two shoulder machines that double as leg machines as well. Also, new are the Bodyflex paddles for a strong upper body workout. 

All of the equipment can be put into the pool and used during any open swim times and we'll have a circuit set up on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. Aqua circuit classes will be available soon so keep an eye on our schedule for those. 

Let us know how you like it. Looking forward to seeing you use this new equipment to enhance your physical abilities.


Paradise and United Blood Services are teaming up to save lives. 
We need your help! 
Saturday, January 21st, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 
Join us with many local health and wellness professionals.  Learn how to improve and maintain healthier and more fulfilling lifestyles. 
A Free Raffles will be held provided by our supporters and associates: 

  • Do not have to be present to win, but must join us the day of the event to get your raffle entry.
  • Visit all our stations and get entered to win a 1 year Paradise Wellness Membership.

We will be joined by local health and wellness professionals: 

  • Get your questions answered on where, when, how and why.
  • Information and useful tips will be available for the taking.
Sierra Foot and Ankle  Walking tests & how your feet can affect your posture 
Kona Chiropractic  Chiropractic can be used as a preventative & help in overall health 
Arbonne  Protein shake samples and information on the nutrition line 
Doterra  Free Bioimpedance scans, and massages, & info on the many benefits of essential oils 
Zentangle  Demonstrating Zentangle art and how it works for meditation 
PiMag Water Filtration Sys.  Free water samples and information on the toxins in the water you may be drinking 
Sierra Dietetics  Information on diabetes and basic nutrition 
Free Spirit Holistic  Providing information on nutrition from a holistic all natural way 
WNC Nursing Program  Blood pressure test 
Carson Tahoe Wellness  Body Composition testing and information on diet and exercise 
Carson Tahoe Health  Information on physical therapy 
N.C.C. and Sun Smart Nevada  Skin analysis for sun damage and offering Sun Smart tips 
High Desert Botanicals  Samples of Bitters Kits and information on the history of medicinal herbs and spices 
Starr Nixdorf, ATRIC 
Certified Fitness Trainer 
Demonstrating aquatic exercises and equipment. 
Free Knee-Hab Class at 2:45 p.m. Bring your bathing suit and towel. 
Rick Jordan – Zumba 
Certified Zumba Instructor 
Rick will be teaching a 30 min. Aqua Zumba class at 2:00 p.m. 
Bring your bathing suit and towel. 
Lisa Crowley -- Massage  Complimentary 10 minute chair massages 
Nora Christensen—Egosque  Postural analysis and demonstrations of stretches to help correct your posture 
Lisa Hass —Yoga Instructor Yoga, Pilates and wellbeing information from “The Change Place” 

What Works Coaching  Information on attaining your goals and much more 
Plexus Supplements  Weight management samples, tips and tricks 
Monica Marcinko  Wellness coaching and lifestyle modification information 

If you are interested in donating blood please call us, 775-883-4434 ext zero, and we will schedule you. 

The Unite Blood Services Blood-Mobile will be here to collect our goal of 50 pints of blood. 
All donors will receive a special Thank You for giving their life saving gift. 


It seems like such a small thing, music while your in the sauna. For all the 3 years we've been providing our clients with a Far Infrared Sauna, the stereo has been a lackluster performer. Poor reception that allowed only the strongest of stations to be heard and even those were not clear.  

Well, not any more! We've upgraded that system with a Blaupunkt Bluetooth compatible deck and its gets lot's of radio stations. Now, you can connect your Bluetooth compatible music player, aka. your phone or tablet, and play whatever pleases you. 

To use it, just lower the deck from the ceiling and push the big black knob.  Radio stations can be accessed from the presets along the bottom. To give your device access to the radio you'll need to change the "input" on the stereo and then when you look at your phone's bluetooth devices - choose the radio to play whatever your listening to. 
Enjoy the simple pleasures of technology in the sauna at Paradise.


Happy Mother's Day from all of us at Paradise! This year we have arranged a for your beloved mother to get a free pampering service from our fantastic Associates. All you need to do is purchase a flower bouquet from ID Floral. With that bouquet you will receive a coupon valid for one (1) the following services: 

A hair styling and scalp massage  by Jayson 
A cut or Blowout with Waxing by Valarie
A partial highlight  by Christy P.
Two (2) fashion colored Peak-a-boos by Terili
An all over color on short to medium hair  by Megan
A Manicure  by Heidi Barker
A hair cut  by Heidi
A piercing with purchase of jewelry  by Zack
A pedicure with foot massage  by Lisa
A hour long slimming session  by Karin

We look forward to seeing you or your mother between May 8th and May 14th 2016!


This month Paradise is switching over to memberships. In the past we have sold packages and passes to the aquatic facility and Far Infrared Sauna. Now all of those are going to be converted to memberships that will allow you to get more savings out of your time with us. We aimed to simplify your purchasing options in the following way: 

1. You can use our pool and sauna facilities or take classes day by day. Single class passes include use of the pool 30 minutes prior to and after your class. 

  • - Pool/Sauna use is still only 6.00 a day with $1.00 off for seniors.  
  • - Full hour classes are $10.00 with 10% off for seniors.   
  • - Half hour express classes are still only $6.00 with 10% off for seniors.

2. You can now purchase monthly and annual wellness memberships to the pool and sauna. (This doesn't include classes.) 

  • - A month to month with no contract is $50.00, or with 10% off for seniors $45.00.         
  • - An annual contract with a monthly automatic payment of $39.00 on your credit card is now the best value. 

3. A premium wellness membership has taken the place of the class packages. This membership includes all the benefits of the wellness membership PLUS 30 classes of your choice per month. 

  • - A month to month, no contract membership is $70.00 with 10% off for seniors. 
  • - An annual membership with a monthly automatic payment charged to your credit card is only $55.00.  

4. If you already have an Eagle Fitness membership we still offer the add-on memberships. 

  • - One Month Unlimited pool and Far Infrared Sauna $30.00 
  • - One Month 10 visits for $10.00 

Download a copy of the membership flyer here. 

There are a few terms and conditions that apply to the above. 
a. your wellness memberships are valid from the date of purchase to the next calendar month on the same day. 
b. Your memberships are not transferable. 
c. There are no refunds and cancelations are subject to the terms of the contract. 
d. All classes must be RSVP'd for online at
e. You may sign up for classes one week at a time. 
f. RSVP services can be purchased from us for $20.00 per month and your classes will be reserved for you. 
g. Please notify us if you cannot attend a class you have reserved a spot in. 
h. 10% discount is available to seniors, military, and handicapped. 
i. Prices are subject to change without notice but not within your contract with us. 


We've started something new this week - podcasting about interesting things in and around Paradise.  I chose to tell you about the new Mio measurement metric - PAI because it's the latest and greatest news here. Click on the link below and a new window will open and play the audio so you can listen to the podcast while still continuing to browse our site. If you prefer to read about the new Mio PAI metric you can read the transcript below.  

Paradise Radio Podcast Episode 1 - PAI 
"Today I wanted to talk to you about the activity trackers made by MIO that we carry here at the Paradise retail store. We’ve carried these trackers in our store for over a year now and have had great feedback on them because not only do they track your steps and heart rate but they can be tracked in the water. No other device does that. 

That's why we recommend them as part of our fitness routine in Starr’s aquatic classes. It helps you see exactly how hard you are working your heart when she's working you through the paces of your high intensity interval training routine. 

Recently, MIO has upgraded their trackers to incorporate something new - the personal activity intelligence or PAI tracking method. You now have the choice of tracking your activity through a series of measurements, which include steps, heart rate and sleep or through a single measurement that combines them all called PAI. 

If tracking a single number that measures all your activity is something you want to incorporate into your life all you need to do is own a MIO tracker and download the MIO PAI app from either the app store on your apple device, or the play store on your android device. Once you have the app, sync it with your MIO tracker every day and work to keep your number at 100 or better. It’s that simple. 

So, what’s the big deal about PAI? Well, it’s all about understanding your heart rate and working out your heart as a muscle to increase your lifespan. PAI measures your body’s response to physical activity by translating your heart rate data and steps into a single, accurate,meaningful metric that provides the guidance and motivation to maintain your optimal health. 

The inventor of the PAI -professor Ulrik Wisloff - is a ph.D in exercise physiology. He’s highly credentialed and has done massive studies to validate the effectiveness of PAI. 

So, why is PAI better than other metrics to measure your fitness? 
First of all, it simple. You’ve got one number to watch that incorporates all your activities. The goal is to keep a minimum score of 100 for maximum health benefits. 

the Second reason is it’s personal. Your PAI is calculated based on the intensity and duration of your activity. You choose whatever activity is right for you. It might be an aqua cardio class with Starr here at paradise or maybe using the pool on your own. Taking the dog for a walk, bicycling, running, or Zumba - you choose the activity and PAI calculates your score for you. 

Thirdly - it’s scientific. MIO’s PAI algorithm is founded on data from the hunt Health study; one of the largest health studies over a 30 year period with 60,000 participants. 

the fourth reason is its meaningful. The most accurate way to determine the health benefits from exercise is to analyze an individuals heart rate data. Other metrics such as steps are an inaccurate way to measure fitness activity, since not all steps are created equal, and not all exercise involves steps. 

lastly, it’s flexible. Since it’s calculated over a rolling 7 day period, it’s adaptable to your busy lifestyle. You can work out more on some days, and less on others and still be able to maintain a desirable PAI score. 

So let’s see how that works. If I walked to work, took the dog for a walk around the golf course and was moderately active during my day at work I could get 10,000 steps in. However this would only translate to a score of 10 PAI. However, if I drove to work, didn’t take the dog for a walk and had a busy day walking around the office I’d only log about 5500 steps. However, with the time i saved not getting the 4500 extra steps I took an hour long cardio class and raised my PAI score to 35. 

So, you see, the PAI score is based on the intensity and duration of your activity. Your goal is to reach and stay above 100. You don’t have to exercise every day because you can make up your lost PAI on other days. By staying above 100 you’ve done enough activity to prevent the onset of cardiovascular disease. It’s clinically proven that on average you will live 10 years longer! 

The PAI is now on all your MIO trackers. All you need to do is download the app and start working to get your score to 100. Unfortunately, the existing trackers won’t show you your score on your wrist just yet. You’ll need to see it on your app. However, Soon, we’ll be carrying their activity tracker the slice, which shows the PAI on the screen and looks much more fashionable than the current MIO lineup." 


Come help us “Blow Out The Candles”, it’s our 2nd BIRTHDAY! 

Join us and celebrate all next week, Monday the 25th through Friday the 29th. We have lots of prizes for you to win in our raffle. The more tickets you collect the better your chances are to win! 

Check Out These Great Prizes.

  • GRAND PRIZE $450 Spa Gift Basket
  • 1 Year Wellness Pass valued at up to $600
  • Salon Gift Certificates
  • Pedicures
  • Waxing Services
  • Kryolan Makeup Gift Bags
  • Haircuts and much more!

Collecting Tickets Couldn’t Be Easier!

  • Visit Paradise (1) ticket per day
  • Get a service done (2) tickets
  • Take an aqua class (2) tickets
  • Buy a product (1) ticket

BUT WAIT!!! Check Out The Amazing Week Long Sales We Have Going On!

  • $65 One Hour Massage
  • $55 European Facials
  • $50 Mani/Pedi combo
  • $35 Pedicures
  • ½ Off Piercings
  • Free Hair Cut with Each Color Service (with participating stylists)
  • 15% off select product
  • 6 Color Zoya Nail Polish Dream Boxes

Join us for our celebration on Friday for food, refreshments, and a 6:00 pm champagne toast. We look forward to seeing you. 
Thank you for being the best part of Paradise!


We will be closed on Monday May 25th, 2015 in honor of Memorial Day.


Our favorite products are on sale now. Take advantage of either of these 2 great ideals:
1.  Buy any 2 TIGI Hair Reborn products and receive a free Color Conditioning Tonic! That's a $32.00 value.
2. Buy any TIGI Hair Reborn reconstructor and get $12.00 off any styling product.

Both of these great deals will make your hair feel better than ever, so come down any time and take advantage of these deals. 


We are excited to welcome another associate into Paradise. Lisa Crowley is a massage therapist as well as a cosmetologist. She feels that she can facilitate an overall well being for her clients, by addressing both your beauty and your physical well being. For beauty she offers not only hair services but also pedicures and manicures. The massage services include all types of therapeutic massages. Call her for more info.

Formerly at RSVP salon she now brings her talents to us and gives us the ability to provide massage  therapy 6 days a week now, as well as additional times for cosmetological services. Feel free to call her, the front desk or go online and schedule an appointment.


Come jump in the pool and dance with Rick Jordan (ZIN) on Saturday mornings at 9:00. Aqua Zumba is a great way to start your day. Safe (nonimpact), FUN and an effective way to get your cardio!