This month Paradise is switching over to memberships. In the past we have sold packages and passes to the aquatic facility and Far Infrared Sauna. Now all of those are going to be converted to memberships that will allow you to get more savings out of your time with us. We aimed to simplify your purchasing options in the following way: 

1. You can use our pool and sauna facilities or take classes day by day. Single class passes include use of the pool 30 minutes prior to and after your class. 

  • - Pool/Sauna use is still only 6.00 a day with $1.00 off for seniors.  
  • - Full hour classes are $10.00 with 10% off for seniors.   
  • - Half hour express classes are still only $6.00 with 10% off for seniors.

2. You can now purchase monthly and annual wellness memberships to the pool and sauna. (This doesn't include classes.) 

  • - A month to month with no contract is $50.00, or with 10% off for seniors $45.00.         
  • - An annual contract with a monthly automatic payment of $39.00 on your credit card is now the best value. 

3. A premium wellness membership has taken the place of the class packages. This membership includes all the benefits of the wellness membership PLUS 30 classes of your choice per month. 

  • - A month to month, no contract membership is $70.00 with 10% off for seniors. 
  • - An annual membership with a monthly automatic payment charged to your credit card is only $55.00.  

4. If you already have an Eagle Fitness membership we still offer the add-on memberships. 

  • - One Month Unlimited pool and Far Infrared Sauna $30.00 
  • - One Month 10 visits for $10.00 

Download a copy of the membership flyer here. 

There are a few terms and conditions that apply to the above. 
a. your wellness memberships are valid from the date of purchase to the next calendar month on the same day. 
b. Your memberships are not transferable. 
c. There are no refunds and cancelations are subject to the terms of the contract. 
d. All classes must be RSVP'd for online at
e. You may sign up for classes one week at a time. 
f. RSVP services can be purchased from us for $20.00 per month and your classes will be reserved for you. 
g. Please notify us if you cannot attend a class you have reserved a spot in. 
h. 10% discount is available to seniors, military, and handicapped. 
i. Prices are subject to change without notice but not within your contract with us.