Dive into Wellness at Paradise Salon Spa Wellness! 

Book Your Splashy Adventure:

We book all your pool reservations. To reserve your spot in the pool or sauna, give us a buzz at (775) 883-4434. Don’t forget to arrive 10 minutes early to classes – fashionably early is the new on-time! If you can't make it, please call to cancel.

Weekly Schedule & Pricing:

Want to know when to jump in? For our weekly class schedule in a snazzy PDF format, [click here].

Curious about our membership options and pricing? We’ve got you covered, [click here] for all the details.


Our Splash-tastic Pool Exercise Classes:


AI CHI – The Zen Shiatsu of Water:

Find your peace in neck-deep water. This 55-minute session is a serene blend of Tai-Chi, Qi Gong, and Watsu techniques, all in a comfy 92°F pool. Perfect for reducing pain, easing stress, boosting balance, and enhancing flexibility. Remember, Ai Chi time is quiet time - shh! <more info>


AQUA CARDIO – Get Pumped in the Pool:

Jump into a full-body strengthening, heart-pumping workout! This 55-minute water aerobics class uses cool gear to up the resistance, perfect for most ages and fitness levels. It’s wave workin’ low impact, high fun! <more info>



AQUA GYM CIRCUIT – Make Waves with H.I.I.T:

Ready to HIIT the water? This 55-minute class is a mix of cardio and strength training with underwater trampolines, treadmills, bikes, and more. Arrive 15 minutes early to get the lowdown on the circuit. Starr and Susie keep it fresh and exciting! <more info>


AQUA YOGA –Your Way to Stabilized Zen:

Stretch and strengthen in the serenity of warm water. This 55-minute class improves balance, lung capacity, flexibility, and calms the mind. It’s wetter and better yoga! <more info>


B.A.D. CORE – Pilates & Barre in the Pool:

(B.A.D. = Back, Abs, Derrière) Dive into Pilates and Barre in a 55-minute class that’s kind to your knees, hips, and heart. Build core strength and enjoy a range of motion in a moderate-paced, warm water setting. <more info>


KNEE-HAB EXPRESS – Protect Your Precious Knees:

In just 30 minutes, strengthen everything from your lower back to your toes, ensuring knee stability and overall health. Ideal for knee rehab or prehab!  <more info>


Personalized Water Exercise:

Got specific goals? Starr Nixdorf, ATRIC, tailors sessions just for you. Bundle sessions for savings! Our other certified trainers are ready to map out your wellness journey - just schedule a consultation with them for a plan.  Call the front desk at (775) 883-4434 or come by and chat with our friendly staff.

Membership Info: Explore our membership options [here] or grab a flyer during your next visit.


Terms & Conditions: 

  • a. ALL classes, Open Swim, and sauna sessions must be reserved by front desk staff in person or by phone and are based on availability. You CAN be put on a waiting list for classes and Open Swim times that are full.
  • b. Reservations can be rescheduled by front desk staff during business hours, for up to one week into the future with a minimum of 12 hours advance notice, based on availability. Advanced cancelations are greatly appreciated so we can call the people on our waiting list.
  • c. To drop in - call for availability.
  • d. Reservations for classes, Open Swim and sauna sessions must be paid for prior to use or delivery.
  • e. There are no refunds or credits for missed sauna, Open Swim, or class reservations.
  • f. All activated Monthly Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • g. Your Membership is valid from activation date agreed on at time of purchase.
  • h. Class times and Open Swim times are subject to change. When you have reservations, we’ll give you notice.
  • i. Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.
  • j. If a reservation is canceled by Paradise due to Aqua-Pro illness, equipment breakage, etc., you will receive a credit for that reservation.
  • k. If we are forced to close Paradise, all memberships will be suspended for the duration of the closure.