Drug Free Pain Relief

As featured in Healthy Beginnings Magazine

It’s no secret that some medications can be addictive. With most medications, the body is likely to develop a level of dependence, either becoming habit-forming, or ineffective. While you may already understand the importance of healthy living and exercise to manage pain, what you may not know is how much exercising in water can help you feel better now. Water exercise is an extremely effective natural pain reliever that treats both the entire body and mind, and there are some very specific reasons why it alleviates pain.

Gravity constantly exerts force against your body. When in the water, you alleviate gravitational pressure by 80-90% which releases painful tension throughout the entire body. With less tension, inflammation decreases and joints have the opportunity to replenish synovial fluid with movement.

When you are submerged in water, the equal force of pressure that surrounds your body works much like compression socks to increase venous return. In addition to improving circulation, the hydrostatic pressure dampens painful sensory stimulation to the brain offering even more relief. The natural force also causes you to breathe diaphragmatically, which resets your parasympathetic nervous system and reduces pain signals.

There are many other things that can cause pain, or exacerbate existing injuries such as poor posture, sleeping positions, unsupportive footwear, bad habits and more. Pain can occur due to muscles held in awkward positions and often movement is all that is needed to feel better. When you move your body in water, the low-impact resistance activates the hurting muscles to make them more flexible and mobile, which reduces pain.

Pain is often made worse by how we react to it, and it’s easy to get caught in a cycle of frustration, depression, and stress. When you regularly exercise in water, your body releases endorphins, which not only make you feel happy; they also act as a natural pain killer. The calming, rejuvenating nature of water combines both physical and psychological benefits, providing a unique form of relief that only water exercise can provide.

Something for Everyone

Water has something to offer for everyone regardless of your ability level. At Paradise Salon Spa and Wellness, we offer classes and aquatic equipment that are almost impossible to find outside of clinical settings. Water exercise is fun, refreshing, and also provides unique benefits that you can't experience elsewhere. Our clients regularly tell us how much they have been able to get back to doing the things they love most in life all because of water fitness. The best thing you can do is find out for yourself today. Stop by for a free tour!