For months now me've been working on acquiring exercise equipment for you to use in the pool to help you build muscle as well as get that water aerobic workout. Well, now it's here and installed in our pool. 

We've got 5 pieces of aquatic exercise equipment for you to choose from or use as a circuit. We have two underwater treadmills; two underwater bikes; two underwater trampolines; two arm bikes; and two shoulder machines that double as leg machines as well. Also, new are the Bodyflex paddles for a strong upper body workout. 

All of the equipment can be put into the pool and used during any open swim times and we'll have a circuit set up on Friday afternoons and Saturdays. Aqua circuit classes will be available soon so keep an eye on our schedule for those. 

Let us know how you like it. Looking forward to seeing you use this new equipment to enhance your physical abilities.