CoVid 19 Guidelines (May 14th)

We are very glad that the vaccination program has been so successful as to allow those who are vaccinated not to have to wear a mask in most places, which will now include us here at Paradise & Spear Me.

As of today, 14 May 2021, there will be no enforcement of mask mandates. We encourage you to wear one if you are not vaccinated or feel you may be compromised in such a way that you feel at risk. Paradise & Spear Me will not be enforcing, or requiring, any masks to enter the building. However, Your service provider may require you to wear one if they so choose. They are mostly independent contractors and may set their own rules at the time of your service.

DROP INS must call for availability.  Everyone still needs an appointment, for body piercing to wellness classes or Open Swim.

Pool classes will have the following guidelines:

Arrive a little early to get changed. Changing rooms are open with no restrictions.  We will continue to provide sanitized baskets on the shelves to store your belongings in if you do not wish to use the changing room. 

Class sizes continue to be limited to allow for a good exercise experience.  

Aqua Cardio = 6

Ai Chi = 5

B.A.D. Core = 6

Knee-Hab = 4

Aqua Gym Circuit = 8

Aqua Yoga = 6

Aqua Zumba = 8

OPEN SWIM:   1 Hour sessions

Enter at the front desk for open swim and sign in at the front desk.

Open Swim capacity is 8 people. You must reserve a time if you want it guaranteed to be available.

Swim lane for lap swimming can be set up on request when entering.

Hot soaking pool capacity is whatever you are comfortable with.

SAUNA:  1 Hour sessions

Sauna reservations are required so we can heat the sauna for you. It is no longer on during all of our business hours.