Pool and Sauna COVID-19 Protocols (updated 3/15/2021)


  1. You must take personal responsibility and only come if you are well.  If you are at high risk you are responsible for your decision to come to Paradise. 
  2. Per CDC recommendations, if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell), you should stay home until the CDC's published isolation criteria are met.
  3. Please follow the signs at the front doors, be respectful of people’s 6-foot area.
  4. Hand sanitizer must be used when you arrive, before signing in for Open Swim.   
  5. Masks are NOT worn in the pool, per the CDC. Masks are mandatory in the rest of the building.  
  6.  The changing rooms are OPEN for one person or one social bubble, MAXIMUM.  (Showers and bathroom stalls are not a part of the changing room.)  
  7. Ideally, come with your suit on. Plan ahead if you can go home wet.
  8. Shower before entering to the pool. Sanitation of the pool water is improved when everyone showers.   
  9. Use provided baskets on the shelves to store belongings.  Bags/clothes cannot be stored in the changing room.
  10. Bathroom – 5 people - 2 in the toilets, 2 in the showers, and 1 in the sink area. Be mindful, stay DOLPHIN ~ DISTANCE (6 ft) away from others while using the facilities.  
  11. You are responsible for using disinfectant on any surfaces you touch. (Disinfectant is in the bathroom.)  Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  12. Bring your drinking water with you, NO glass containers. Water dispensers are closed.
  14. Only use exercise equipment made for use IN a pool. DO NOT use exercise gear on deck.
  15. When entering and exiting the pool, honor the *DOLPHIN ~ DISTANCE.  
  16. We love to visit, but the CDC recommends limited social interaction, no hanging out with people who are not in your social bubble/family.
  17. Sit on your towel on benches and practice personal responsibility, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  18. We will sanitize regularly. Help us, if you see something – say something to us, please.
  19. Wait the designated 15 minutes between classes & open swim to enter the room.  During this pandemic we must practice DOLPHIN ~ DISTANCE (6 ft).   
  20. Breaking these protocols jeopardizes our ability to stay open. You will be asked to leave if you do.
  21. Your temperature may be taken when you enter Paradise due to community transmission numbers.



DROP INS must call for availability.  Everyone needs an appointment.

Arrive a little early, prepared and suited up. 

Classes will enter through the front door during cold weather.  When things warm up we can use the garden doors.   

Class sizes are reduced to honor the *DOLPHIN ~ DISTANCE (6-ft):

Aqua Cardio = 6

Ai Chi = 5

B.A.D. Core = 6

Knee-Hab = 4

Aqua Gym Circuit = 8

Aqua Yoga = 6

Aqua Zumba = 8

Please - No close contact partnering to demonstrate exercises, maintain *DOLPHIN ~ DISTANCE. 😊


OPEN SWIM:    {{{VIP -- You may stay one hour from the time you sign in.}}}

Enter at the front desk for open swim.  The garden doors are for classes only.

Open Swim capacity is 6 people or a social bubble may count as one person. Understand, our focus is your safety, you must reserve a time if you want it guaranteed to be available.

Mandatory swim lane for lap swimming, one person at a time, time limited to 15 minutes if someone is waiting.

Hot soaking pool capacity is 3 people. 15-minute maximum if someone is waiting. 

SAUNA:  Sauna reservations are for one (1) person or COVID-19 social bubble/household.