It seems like such a small thing, music while your in the sauna. For all the 3 years we've been providing our clients with a Far Infrared Sauna, the stereo has been a lackluster performer. Poor reception that allowed only the strongest of stations to be heard and even those were not clear.  

Well, not any more! We've upgraded that system with a Blaupunkt Bluetooth compatible deck and its gets lot's of radio stations. Now, you can connect your Bluetooth compatible music player, aka. your phone or tablet, and play whatever pleases you. 

To use it, just lower the deck from the ceiling and push the big black knob.  Radio stations can be accessed from the presets along the bottom. To give your device access to the radio you'll need to change the "input" on the stereo and then when you look at your phone's bluetooth devices - choose the radio to play whatever your listening to. 
Enjoy the simple pleasures of technology in the sauna at Paradise.