Mastering the Art of Decolorizing and Toning

Decolorizing: The First Step to Your Dream Shade

At Paradise Salon, decolorizing is more than just a color removal process; it's the first step in your journey to a new, vibrant hair color. Using the right bleach for the right hair type, we carefully lift the existing color from your hair, preparing it for the transformation ahead. This process is crucial for achieving the exact shade you desire and always includes a secondary color/toner application for perfect tonal accuracy.

Tailored Times for Perfect Results

The duration of the decolorizing process varies, tailored to your specific hair needs. For a quick color change, removing old hair color before applying a new shade typically takes as little as 30 minutes. If you're opting for a full bleach and tone experience, we most often dedicate 1 1/2 hours, or more, to ensure every strand is perfectly treated, resulting in a uniform and stunning hair color.

Bleach and Tone: A Comprehensive Transformation

A full bleach and tone service at Paradise Salon is an exercise in precision and care. Our skilled stylists meticulously apply the bleach to ensure even lifting, followed by expert toning to achieve the desired hue. This comprehensive process is designed to transform your hair into the color of your dreams while maintaining its health and integrity.

Experience the Difference with Expert Care

In every decolorizing and toning session, we prioritize the health of your hair. Our expert stylists use only the finest products and techniques to ensure your hair remains strong, vibrant, and healthy throughout the process. Trust in our expertise to guide you through a seamless and satisfying color transformation.