Nancy and Kelly's Story

Believe it, or not, there are some good things about getting old. One is that you get old, as opposed to the alternative, and there’s only one alternative to getting old. Another is that you get mellower. You develop an ability to tolerate fools. Maybe not gladly, but you can tolerate them, all the same.

However, there are some things you just can’t tolerate, or at least that’s the case with Nancy and myself. We started swimming at the public pool and it was a thoroughly miserable experience. We hated the cold water. We hated the screaming, out of control kinds. We hated the unsanitary state of the change rooms, we hated… well, there’s no need to go on.

Then, we walked into Paradise.

If Nancy and I never see the inside of a public pool again, as long as we live…. Wait a second. I don’t think that’s an if.

Actually, it is an “If”. If we ever see the inside of a public pool again, it won’t be in Carson City. It won’t be in Carson City, because we have been to Paradise. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters, there are no mobs of out of control children running amok and screaming like banshees.

The pool is heated! The saltwater is so much better for our skin than chlorine. The locker rooms are as clean as they would be if we ran the establishment ourselves, which we don’t need to do, because management understands how to keep us paying customers happy.

You know the old story about not being able to teach old dogs new tricks? Don’t you believe a word of it. Nancy and I are proof to the contrary.

Starr has taught us all sorts of new tricks about staying healthy and agile. Starr takes the time to not only design an exercise routine for us, she also explains how and why it works. She tells you what muscles are being exercised, and how the whole routine connects one muscle group to another, for a whole-body workout.

After a few weeks in Starr’s care, you start to understand how your body works. It’s like taking a physiology class all over again, except this time you’re paying attention! Can’t teach old dogs new tricks? They sure can at Paradise!

Having established that Paradise is great for your physical health – no one in their right mind would say that their facilities and expertise are anything less than first-rate - let me tell you how the spa is good for your mental health, too.

As is the case with most things, it’s the people who make the difference. When Nancy and I paid our first visit to Paradise we met Perry. Despite the fact that it was after hours, Perry jumped into the pool and put us through a truncated class. He didn’t have to do that. He wanted to.

And it’s not just the Paradise staff. The members are all good, solid people.

Remember me saying that it’s easier to suffer fools as you get older? Haven’t met one yet, at Paradise.