Rediscover the Charm of Permanent Waves

Time-Honored Expertise in Every Curl

Think perms are a thing of the past? Think again! At Paradise Salon, we've been mastering the art of permanent waves long before they made their modern comeback. Our experienced stylists are well-versed in the art and science of perms, ensuring you get the perfect curls or waves, tailored to your style.

Efficient, Effective, and Gentle

We understand the importance of time and hair health. That's why our perm service is designed to be quick and efficient, without compromising on quality. Our technique ensures long-lasting curls with minimal damage, leaving your hair healthy and vibrant. Whether you're looking for soft waves, or defined curls, we can create the desired texture on both long and short hair.

Personalized Texture to Match Your Style

At Paradise Salon, we believe that a perm is more than just curls; it's a way to express your unique personality. Our stylists work closely with you to understand your desired look and craft a way to curl your hair that complements your natural beauty and lifestyle.

Note: Style with a Cut

While our perm services transform your texture, they don't include a haircut. To complete your new look, we recommend pairing your perm with a professional cut. Schedule both services together for a complete hair makeover that will turn heads!


Embrace the Elegance of Long Hair Perms

Spiral Perms: A Technique, Not Just a Style

Longing for a touch of wave and movement in your long hair? At Paradise Salon, our spiral perm is a meticulous process designed to infuse your long locks with dynamic texture and volume. Contrary to popular belief, the term "spiral perm" refers to our method of expertly spiraling numerous rollers onto the head, rather than indicating a spiral-shaped outcome.

Waves of Possibility

Every perm we create, including our long hair or spiral perms, imparts a wavy appearance to your hair. The degree of wave or curl is tailored to your preference – from soft, flowing waves to tighter curls that add significant volume and bounce. It's important to note that if you're seeking a hairstyle with a pronounced spiral appearance, such as those often seen in images, it is typically achieved through a heat styling process rather than a perm.

Crafting Your Dream Waves

Embarking on a long hair perm journey with us is a commitment to transformation. This service can take 2 hours or more, depending on the length and layers of your hair. Our skilled stylists take the time to ensure each curl is perfectly formed, resulting in a look that adds both movement and a touch of the eighties flair to your hair.

A New Wave of Style for Long Hair

Step into Paradise Salon for a long hair perm and leave with a refreshed, lively hairstyle that captures your spirit. Our commitment to crafting the perfect wave for your long tresses ensures a result that's as unique as you are.



Versatile Styles for Effortless Elegance

Unleashing the Power of Curls and Waves

Transform the way you think about short hair with our specialized perm services at Paradise Salon. Whether you're seeking a subtle wave to add volume and body, or tighter curls for a style that maintains its allure day after day, our short hair perms are tailored to your individual preferences.

Tailored Techniques for Every Hair Type

Our expert stylists understand the unique characteristics of short hair. Using precise techniques and high-quality perm solutions, we ensure that each curl or wave complements your hair's natural texture and your personal style. From soft, natural-looking waves that add a touch of sophistication to bouncy, tight curls that exude energy and flair, the possibilities are endless.

Efficiency Meets Excellence

We value your time and your hair's integrity. That's why our short hair perm service is designed to be efficient, typically taking about 1 1/2 hours. During this time, our stylists meticulously work to achieve the perfect balance of curl and control, ensuring your hair not only looks fantastic but also remains healthy and manageable.

A New Dimension to Short Hair

Step into a world where short hair is not just about simplicity but also about making a statement. Our perms add a new dimension to your short hair, offering a lasting transformation that's as practical as it is stylish. Let us help you discover the ideal perm to elevate your short hairstyle to the next level.