Jamie Shirley

Since 2015, I've been passionately shaping the world one nail at a time. As a nail technician, I've honed my skills in gel application and have a knack for crafting intricate nail art and designs. There's nothing quite like the sparkle in my clients' eyes when they see their dream nails come to life - it's the highlight of my day!

When I'm not transforming nails into works of art, you'll find me at home, indulging in my love for crocheting with my little girl by my side. We also love to bake cookies together, filling our kitchen countertops (and our hearts) with sweetness. And when the weather's nice, we're out and about, soaking up the sun and playing to our hearts' content.

So, come on in, let's chat, and let me help you find your perfect nail design!

Jamie Shirley

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