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Hello, I'm Sandy Cartlidge. My journey with aquatic fitness began in 2018, a path I embarked on following a car accident that had severely affected my pelvic stability. The buoyant support of water was instrumental in regaining my strength and core stability, and it allowed me to wean off pain medications completely. Inspired by the incredible benefits I experienced, I became certified as an Aquatic Exercise Professional in 2021.

My desire to give back what I had so gratefully received led me to teach. Now, I share my passion for aquatic fitness by leading cardio and gym circuit classes. It's more than a job; it's a way to connect with and empower others in their fitness journeys.

When I'm not in the pool, I love traveling, spending quality time with my grandchildren, immersing myself in a good book, and giving back to the community through volunteering. I look forward to sharing the transformative power of aquatic exercise with you at Paradise.

In Sandy's classes at Paradise, you'll find more than just an exercise routine; you'll discover a community where support and personal growth go hand in hand. Whether you're navigating your own recovery journey or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle, Sandy is here to lead the way with expertise and heart.

Sandy Cartlidge

Aquatic Instructor


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