August 2014, I became certified by the ATRI (Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute). This certification is recognized by Physical Therapy boards across America as a leading provider of advanced aquatic therapy & rehab continuing education. This training allows me to better address a person's particular concerns and requirements. I am able to follow a prescribed exercise routine from a medical professional, or create a customized one for a client after they have been discharged from medical care. I also became a certified Ai Chi Trainer; with special emphasis on people with spinal fusions, scoliosis, as well as wounded veterans. (Trained by Mary Wykle PhD creator of the US Army & Marine Corp programs).

Before that, June 1st 2014, I completed the AEA's (Aquatic Exercise Association) Aquatic Fitness Professional Course in Visalia, CA. I also studied Upper Body, Core & More, and AquaBata Shallow. AquaBata takes the latest trend in fitness, Tabata, to the water, because High Intensity Interval Training transitions into the water with high-powered results.

But, it all started a long time ago, in 1991 my passion for health and wellness began. My weight training would begin at 6:00 a.m. at Dave's Powerhouse Gym, me and my best friend Chireen Ness. Working out with a bunch of Powerlifters taught me a lot, a lot of what not to do, and a lot about how strong a woman can actually get.

Fast forward to 1999, I broke my back, my L-4 & L-5. Long story... But in 2004 I started Pilates Reformer classes and after five years of constant pain I finally found relief. I was the evangelist for Pilates rehabilitation, I started training to be an instructor and in 2005 completed my certification with AFAA.




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