All the Problems Solved by Microblading 

Brows that are thin or have bald spots, so the shape isn’t defined 
Brow hairs that are light or sparse so you can’t see your brows well 
Brows that aren’t symmetrical 
You are tired of filling your brows daily  

Main Advantages to Microblading Rather than Tattooing

The procedure is less painful and done faster 
Looks much more natural than brow tattooing 
A machine is not used 
The drawn hairs are identical to real hairs 
Thicker, medical pigment is used that does not change color but fades on tone 

Main Advantages to Microblading Rather than Makeup

Looks like real hairs rather than a makeup fill 
Microblading lasts 1-3 years, so you don’t have to fill daily 
You can get wet without worrying about your brows 

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